It Is Well Project

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Article by Taraka Hughes

October 30, 2018
“When I graduated college, I knew the Lord had placed mission work on my soul. I just did not know in what capacity. After spending three weeks in Kenya in between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college, I returned stateside with a heaviness in my heart that has not stopped calling me back for over six years.
During college, I developed a passion to develop sustainable agriculture practices in rural developing countries to target building better lifestyles through nutrition. The longing in my heart paired with my love for developing agriculture eventually spurned into the Lord putting the calling to build a water well in the same community I visited in the Masai Mara of Kenya.
In October 2017, I cornered my parents at a wedding and said “I feel called to build a water well in Kenya. How can I do this?” In my mind, I had settled on a five year timeframe to fundraise the $50k USD necessary to build the well that could service this community for years to come.

But we serve a big God with bigger plans than mine.

In March 2018, I received a phone call one last Wednesday night and heard my parents say “How do you feel about moving your 5 year timeframe to 3-5 months?”

Little did I know that the church I grew up in was moving forward with partnering on a similar project with the missionary I stayed with in Kenya way back in 2012. When the Lord opens the floodgates, you better hang out tight!
IT IS WELL PROJECT launched in April. I had already started praying that God would have land in store for a well and that we would hit water when we started drilling. Not only did He move mountains and have plans set in motion LONG before I felt my calling, He intricately wove details to speak of His immaculate attention to creativity in getting this project up and running! The day our drill hit water will forever be one of the most joyous days in my life. By August, construction was fully complete and our water was deemed safe for human consumption!

Oh, and this well was working at a capacity FAR above our original expectations.

Anyone who has walked through 2018 has heard me say “fishes and loaves, fishes and loaves,” over and over.
What the Lord has been so faithful in teaching my heart during this whole adventure is His incredible magnitude in giving us unique purpose, desires, and passions. He lavishly outpours His goodness into our souls, makes the impossible possible, blows our one dimension plans out of the water by His timing and dimensionless Character.
It takes us bringing our meager fishes and loaves to the foot of the cross, offering them up in open hands of abandonment to let the Lord do as He wants. He is writing wild stories for our lives to bring Him glory. We just have to be ready to jump blindly in to experience the joy of letting our God come through.
What a faithful God we serve so we can shout, IT IS WELL with my soul, IT IS WELL indeed. ”

Taraka Hughes
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