Adults 55+


Message from Dan Taylor:

In the summer of 2011 I accepted the call to become the Associate Pastor of Adults 55+ at First Baptist Jenks. At that time I presented a three fold approach to the ministry for this age group (and it is still our focus today):

(1) to serve faithfully in God’s Kingdom,

(2) to enjoy life,

(3) and to finish well.

We began to seek a name that would embody this unique approach to 55+ ministry. We settled on “Primetime” as a group name. We don’t view our second half of life as being leftover time. We view this last half of life as being our primetime as we seek to serve in God’s Kingdom, enjoy life and finish well.

We focus on a balanced ministry. We serve throughout our church and in our community. We study God’s Word individually and collectively. We meet on a regular basis to play games and enjoy fellowship. We reach out to our community through various events and activities. We enjoy life! We strive to be faithful in our attendance, our service, our encouragement to others, our support of the church, and our care for one another. Most importantly, we embrace a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and we desire to serve Him faithfully until He calls us home.

34% of Americans are 55 years of age or older. If you fall in this category and are interested in these things, I want to invite you to join us as we serve in God’s Kingdom, enjoy life and finish well!

For more information concerning this ministry or any questions, contact us at the church office (918) 299-6323 or by contacting Dan Taylor.